Elizabeth L. “Betsy” Smith

Betsy Smith Cary NC, Author Betsy SmithBetsy, is a well-known speaker, facilitator, and seminar presenter. For almost twenty years, she was a senior executive at Pensacola Junior College. Early in her tenure at Pensacola Junior College, she was the only female executive Smith provided leadership in collaborating with other nearby community colleges and universities in securing a leadership enhancement grant for women and minorities. For five years, she mentored emerging female leaders in the National Institute of Leadership Development of the American Association of Community Colleges.

Smith’s undergraduate work was in psychology and social work. Her master’s degree is in Adult and Community Education, and her Ph.D. is in Higher Education Administration. She founded E. L. Smith Consulting in 2005. In her role as Executive Leadership Coach, Smith holds certification from the International Coach Federation and is an Associate of the Strategic Executive Coaching Alliance.

Published Work:

  • “Services for the Non-traditional Older than Average Student: Suggestions” published in Southern Association of College Student Affairs Journal.
  • “Women in Business” published in the Pensacola Business Journal.
  • “Boomers Change Retirement: The Trend of Second Careers” published in Climate Magazine in 2006.
  • “Leadership at all Levels” was the title of her chapter in the book Diversity in Technology Education, edited by Betty L. Rider, Ph. D.

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Elizabeth L. “Betsy” Smith, PhD, ACC

Phone: (919) 521-4734
Cell: (850) 384-4874