Accept Your Unique Self

At some point, we’ve probably all wished we had someone else’s hair, or body, or talent, or life. But I heard a comment from a friend that helps me remember that I’m important, too, just as I am. It was: “If you were someone else, who would be you?” What a good reminder that each of us is unique, with much to offer the world if we’ll just treasure who we are and what we DO possess. Your family, friends, and... Read More

Life’s a Teeter-Totter

(Kathleen Logan) We all hear about the need to find “balance” in our lives, but is it even possible? My last two weeks were totally unbalanced, with 4 speeches to prepare and present, a day-long author event at our local library, a day-long symposium to attend and speak at, two sets of company, and a column to write for a national newsletter. I was certain I could not accomplish everything! But I did, amazing myself. After the... Read More

Kathleen speaking at upcoming symposium

“A Gathering of Our Sisters” Women’s Symposium will be held on Friday evening, September 26 and all day Saturday, September 27, 2014. Kathleen Logan will be speaking Saturday morning on “Maturing Gracefully: Growing a Life that Matters.” Symposium will be held at the Versailles Event Center in Pensacola, Florida. For more information, see, or contact Williemae Stanberry, Director, A Will &... Read More

Everyday Courage

What do you picture when you think of courage? Firefighters running into burning buildings? A lifeguard rescuing a drowning swimmer? A Medal of Honor recipient? Yes, these are all notable acts of courage. There is also moral courage, the willingness to try to do what’s right and good. What we often don’t acknowledge, however, is the courage it takes to live our lives on a daily basis. It takes guts, for example, to leave an abusive... Read More