Second Blooming Impacts Lives

I recently taught (guided, really) a 3-hour class on Second Blooming for Women: Growing a Life that Matters after Fifty. Just two women attended, so it was intimate and wonderful. It was a safe place for exploring our lives in a deep, productive way. After two hours, one woman admitted she had contemplated suicide this year. The other, who was in her fifties, just wanted to look ahead and decide if she should do something new and different with... Read More

Kathleen’s new book

Kathleen’s new book, Women’s Wisdom: Pass It On! is now available for purchase from Amazon and all physical/online bookstores, as well as on Kindle and other mobile devices. Also, you can check out her new web site (still a work in progress) at  There’s a place for you to ask for or offer your wisdom. Your contribution will be valued. Read More

Do you really want to “reinvent” yourself?

Reinvent yourself! This seems to be the hot advice lately, but I think it has led many a woman to cast off parts of herself and her life unnecessarily. This push to “reinvent” myself rubs me the wrong way, making it sound like I’m not good enough as I am, that I need a total re-do to have any value. I have spent my life studying, learning, listening, working, and gaining experience. As a navy wife, we moved often, and at each... Read More

Be Grateful – It’s Good for You!

Being grateful for the good things in life, whether small or large, is good for you. Gratitude is an acknowledgement of your blessings, such as good service, a new grandchild, or a lovely dinner someone cooks for you. Being thankful is just one part of the equation, though; expressing your thanks verbally or by writing a note completes the circle. And the best part? Gratitude enhances your physical and mental health! The more you look for and... Read More

Authentic Success

  Defining success is tricky. There is worldly success, whereby you are judged (or you judge yourself) by external standards such as fame, money, beauty, or talent. But even more important is authentic success, or becoming the most capable woman you were meant to be with your special gifts. Instead of looking outside of yourself, you look internally to your personal values. What matters to you? Are you living your life accordingly? Keep in... Read More

Accept Your Unique Self

At some point, we’ve probably all wished we had someone else’s hair, or body, or talent, or life. But I heard a comment from a friend that helps me remember that I’m important, too, just as I am. It was: “If you were someone else, who would be you?” What a good reminder that each of us is unique, with much to offer the world if we’ll just treasure who we are and what we DO possess. Your family, friends, and... Read More