“Tips for Subduing Procrastination”

by Kathleen Vestal Logan, M.S., M.A. “I need some help! Yes, I’ve posted previously about resolutions and overcoming fears…but I’m a life-long procrastinator which continues to limit my productivity. I’m in Orlando where my husband is attending a business meeting. I lingered over breakfast with USA Today, read my Writer’s Digest, wandered around the hotel…all while NOT getting started on the list of things I... Read More

“Changes in Life” at Angel’s Garden July 21

Kathleen will be leading a discussion at Angel’s Garden Gift Shop in Pensacola, FL, on Tuesday, July 21, 2015. A short social time will be followed with a conversation on “Changes in Life: Do you manage them or just react?” It will cover what does and doesn’t work when dealing with common life changes. No RSVP required. 1208 N. 9th Avenue. Call 435-9555 for more information Read More

Everlasting Grief

My husband and I went nowhere yesterday, sticking close to home and each other. Some days just can’t be shared. June 28, 1976, our son, Robert Lee Logan, was born. He was not healthy and died the next day, June 29. You’d think that after all these years it might be a distant, less painful, memory, but every year his death comes rushing back with full force. We lost our child; now we are faced with the loss of his never-to-be... Read More

Women’s Wisdom book comes to life

My new book Women’s Wisdom: Pass It On! is finished and available from bookstores, Amazon, and also as an ebook. I’m thrilled to put my “baby” out in the world! As a book, it has been nearly six years in the making. Since 2010, when Second Blooming for Women: Growing a Life that Matters after Fifty was published, I’ve been writing a monthly column for The Transition Network’s online newspaper, as well as for... Read More

Be Grateful – It’s Good for You!

Being grateful for the good things in life, whether small or large, is good for you. Gratitude is an acknowledgement of your blessings, such as good service, a new grandchild, or a lovely dinner someone cooks for you. Being thankful is just one part of the equation, though; expressing your thanks verbally or by writing a note completes the circle. And the best part? Gratitude enhances your physical and mental health! The more you look for and... Read More

Savor Your Victories

I’m elated! Yesterday, Nancy Cleary, who published Second Blooming for Women, sent me her proposed graphics for my new book Women’s Wisdom: Pass It On! They are beautiful! When I sent the entire book file to her, it was so plain, just normal Times Roman size 12. Now it is elegant, with a lovely, feminine font and beautifully enhanced with photographs. For now, I’m enjoying the no-pressure time after sending it to her, taking... Read More