The Book

Books for Women over 50Tumultuous events in the 1960s and 1970s created substantial changes in women’s lives. These events make us the first generation of women with the opportunity to create and live a “second life” of our choosing. Since our lives are now so different, however, we can’t necessarily look to our mothers’ generation as role models. Second Blooming for Women: Growing a Life That Matters After Fifty fills that gap.

Authors Kathleen and Betsy coach you step by step to:

  • Claim your personality, talents, strengths, and skills
  • Clarify your passions, dreams, and values
  • Build your confidence and self-trust
  • Create your life purpose statement and an action plan to achieve it

Where to Order

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Book Reviews

  • If you want to be inspired and motivated, you need to read Second Blooming for Women. If you want some sort of guideline to help you examine your life, you need to read Second Blooming. If you want tools to help you make changes in your behavior or in your goals…you need to read this book.” – Linda Wasserman, Publisher, Pelican Press
  • Both of the authors are lifecoaches with every chapter packed with inspiring advice you’ll want to keep it handy when you need a pick-me-up when life throws you a challenge. Logan and Smith invited a diverse cadre of women to share their perspectives throughout the chapters, which insures that this book never feels too academic” click here to read more – Alice Osborn, Author and Journalist.
  • “When a woman turns fifty, she can either put her head in the sand or plant new seeds in better soil.  The latter requires hard work and these cheerful authors offer some sound suggestions in this no-nonsense guide.” – Publishers Weekly Select
  • Second Blooming for Women “has a built in market just waiting to be tapped. Thoughtful questions are raised throughout the book, keeping readers engaged until the very end.” – Writer’s Digest
  • “A guide filled with sage advice for women who want to feel they still matter.” – Midwest Book Review