Second Blooming for Women is a very interactive book for women over 50 with many worksheets and exercises.  Here are some of the worksheets included in the book.  Simply click on a link and print out a new worksheet anytime you need it.

Our Stories (page 20)

Growing Zone Chart (page 23)

Inventory – Weeds (page 60)

Personality Characteristics (list of adjectives) (page 88)

Talents (page 97)

Fill Your Vase (page 103)

Assessing Passions & Dreams (page 126,127)

Assessing Passions & Dreams Chart (page 136)

Values Exercise (page 137)

List of Values (page 137)

Verbs for Purpose Statement (page 147)

Nouns for Purpose Statement (page 147)

Purpose Statement Form & Exercise (page 148)

Blank Action Form (page 154)

Questions (page 163, 164)