Workshops for Women

Second Blooming for Women: Growing a Life that Matters after 50

(50-60 minutes, $100)

“Women over fifty are often treated like annuals, pulled out and tossed on the compost pile when they’re no longer young. Actually, they are perennials—a permanent, colorful, and vital part of our nation’s garden.” – Second Blooming for Women

This interactive presentation tells women to “Fear not! Life after fifty is fabulous!” They will leave feeling valued, uplifted, and excited about living passionately and purposefully. They’ll also know what steps will take them to their own Second Blooming.

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Don’t Grow Old, Grow Bold!

(45 minutes, $100)

Workshops for WomenAre you aging gracefully, or just getting older? Do you look forward to the second half of life, or are you terrified of the future? Does your life matter? Are you making a difference?  Are you going to leave this earth leaving a legacy or not? If your future looks drab, it’s time to develop your action plan to create a fulfilling and purposeful second half of life. This presentation will help women respond boldly to the questions posed above, and be inspired to answer poet Mary Oliver’s question: “What is it you want to do with this one, wild, precious thing called life?”

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Serving the Community: Finding Your Niche

(30 minutes, $50)

There are dozens of organizations and activities worthy of your support and involvement, so how do you decide where to serve? When women make good choices, they feel both pleasure and satisfaction. This is an interactive presentation which helps women look at how they can invest their time wisely to maximize outcomes for themselves and the organizations or people they choose to serve.

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Love Your Life after Fifty!

(15-20 minutes, $50)

Women over fifty have opportunities that generations before us did not have. It’s like we’re living Women’s Lib, Part II. What happened to bring us to this point? Events in the 1960s and 1970s changed the direction of our lives. So what are we to do in the decades after fifty?  We’ve been forging new paths for ourselves for decades, and can do it again. Discover the guidelines for creating your own Second Blooming and living a life that you love, a life that matters.

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